The  Cherryvale  Bender  Museum

Stepping inside the replica of the killers’ home, constructed from actual measurements, photographs, and memories of the notorious wayside Inn, you instinctively address the woman behind the counter. “Oh…Hello…,” then your words die as you realize you are staring at a life-sized dummy of the notorious Ma Bender wearing period clothing waiting for your provision order. Behind Ma on the wall are shelves of scantily-stocked containers and merchandise which were sold in the 1870s, goods such as tobacco, crackers, sardines, candies, powder and shot. Among these were Pastime Plug Tobacco: “The Essence of Excellence” and Pink Pills for Pale People, popular items at that time. In front of you, a few paces away, is the infamous wagon canvas curtain serving as the room’s only partition. In front of it, waits John Bender Sr. with a scowl on his face and a 5½ pound hammer in his right hand. Stepping forward out of the corner of your left eye, you encounter John, Jr. quietly standing there.  Postcard Cherryvale Museum Collection